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One of the posters for Record Store Gay 2014, in Outhouse and Pantibar on the 19th of April.
Gig poster for Biggles Flys Again. Cosy music!
- Look.
- What’s it do? 
- Squeeze it, it’s a joke telephone.
- (Squeaks ) Dougal, this is a dog toy.
- What? No, it’s not. It’s a joke telephone.
- Dougal, this is a toy for dogs. This is something people give their dogs on their birthday.
- Seriously, Ted. It’s a joke telephone. You tell someone it’s a phone and they’ll try and make a call.
- Dougal, who would think this is a telephone? Even a dog knows this isn’t a phone.
- Ted, we’ll agree to differ, all right? We won’t! Because you’re very, very wrong.
- Look, did the picture not give you a clue? Why is the dog so happy? Somebody has given him a rubber telephone that makes a noise! 
- No, no! He’s laughing because someone’s trying to make a call on the telephone.
- Dogs don’t have the same sense of humour as us! They’re not as advanced. Buy something sensible, like this. Now Put a coin in that.
- Wow. God, Ted. That is fantastic. What is it, a sort of money box? 
- Yes. With something like this, it would be so easy to make it look cheap and tacky. But just look at her there. Pure class.
This is my print for the Damn Fine Dublin exhibition, opening in Block T on Thursday!
It’s a two colour screenprint and will be available in an edition of 30 for €30 each, and proceeds go to an accessible print workshop in Block T. As always, do come drink a beer and hang out.
Here’s my poster for the Pass It On exhibition, which was part of
Movember and launched last night in the Fumbally cafe in Dublin.
A great time was had by all, all the prints sold, and now my head is sore.
A little poster for Manchester Students Union. Self explanatory.
Come to this, yeah?
Pretty in Pink.
A3 risograph print for this exhibition, which opens in Dublin this Friday (6th of April). Come hang out!
Poster for the amazo Ginnels' tape launch on the 9th of December. 
Poster for Beatyard #4 in the Bernard Shaw in Dublin.
Can now be found in the Twisted Pepper if you look
for it hard enough.
Poster for Croupier’s gig at the Workmans. Best brief in the world!
Poster for a place that you can go to and dance and perhaps
maybe watch some bands and drink some drinks.
Letterpress poster, based on the Galaxie 500/Jonathan
Richman song called…Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste.