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I helped to run a risograph workshop as part of the Offset 2014 Transform Your City project at the weekend - big thanks to Orlaith Ross & Making Space for organising it, Hato Press for coming over and helping out, and the Library Project for the space! 
Spent a day painting Dublin Port for Visit Dublin!
I’m in this book, Behind Illustrations 2, published by Index Book!
This week and next I’m taking part in Making Space, in which four illustrators take over the studio above Kaph on Drury St, make work, and have an exhibition at the end. Steve McCarthy was first, Fatti Burke and I are taking up the middle spot and Chris Judge will follow us. Great lads all round!
We’re doing a talk tomorrow, the 12th, and our exhibition will be on the 19th. In the meantime, come and visit and chat and drink some coffee! Yeah!
Got asked by Kilkenny Tourist Hostel to go down and paint a map of Kilkenny on their wall. It was loads of fun and they’re super lovely, yeah!
I’ve been doing the branding for the 10 Days In Dublin festival, here’s a fox I drew in the ticket office!
Johnny Cullen of Little Beast very kindly made a video of me making my Offset project! 
For the Offset Creative Project 2013. I gave these pieces into Oxfam Home in Dublin, and they may or may not be still available, I’m too scared to go in and check in case I find that they haven’t sold. Yay!
Sneak peek of a project relating to Offset Festival. Just saying, if you’re in Dublin and you go to Oxfam Home on Francis Street, you might find some things there that you might like, say no more.

(sewed by cool flatmate Laura!!)
The 100th Totally Dublin cover in the wild, featuring an approving pope.
I painted the window of the very lovely cafe Brother Hubbard for Christmas!
Photo by Architexture.
Heya! My solo show launches this Friday the 26th at 7pm in the
Bernard Shaw in Dublin - do come along if you’re in the fair city.
It’s my degree show at Camberwell!
Opens on Wednesday evening, so if you’re
in London, come drink wine and hang out!
I made new business cards.
They’re also SCRATCHCARDS! 
Some scans from my sketchbook from my trip to Kelvedon
Hatch are in this month’s Wrap Magazine! 

(The bottom three images are mine)